Heideveld Classics - Volvo P1800E 1972

Volvo P1800E 1972


This beautifully maintained Volvo P1800E is a sight to behold. This car has always been cared for with love, and this is clearly evident in the excellent condition it is in. Driving this car is a true delight, and it is in prime technical condition.

Volvo P1800E 1972

This particular specimen belongs to the rare last production series of 1972. What makes this version unique are the seats in which the headrests are seamlessly integrated as one piece. This Volvo P1800E carries the number 668 out of only 1865 units produced in this production series.

The driving comfort of this Volvo P1800E is excellent, thanks in part to the well-functioning BorgWarner automatic transmission. The bronze color is the original shade the car left the factory in. This specimen was imported from California, USA, and shows no signs of rust; it is truly in top condition.

Furthermore, the Volvo P1800 comes with a valid Dutch registration and RDW inspection, meaning it’s ready to hit the road immediately. In short, this Volvo P1800E represents not only a piece of automotive history but is also a beautifully preserved classic.











Gear box

Automatic gearbox

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