Heideveld Classics - Volkswagen Käfer 1960

Volkswagen Beetle 1960


This is the ideal Beetle for enthusiasts and collectors, a timeless companion that can provide many years of driving pleasure. This Volkswagen Beetle from 1960, with its Dutch license plate, is in excellent technical condition. It starts smoothly and drives with confidence. However, like many classics, this special Beetle requires a bit of cosmetic love to further accentuate its beauty.

Volkswagen Beetle 1960

In the world of classic cars, where nostalgia and reality often intersect, finding an immaculate 1960 Volkswagen Beetle is a rare privilege. At Heideveld Classics, this dream becomes a reality because here you have the unique opportunity to acquire such a specimen. This Beetle is a valuable treasure, untouched by any welding work. It exudes authenticity and is an oasis of originality, still cloaked in its first coat of paint. Under the hood lies the correct engine configuration, with the side-mounted fuel pump and a hand-choke carburetor.

This 1960 Beetle tells a story, a piece of automotive history that harks back to an era of innocence and simplicity. It’s a reminder of days when roads were less crowded, and cars had character. When you become the owner of this Volkswagen Beetle, you become a guardian of this past, a preserver of its authenticity, and a proud driver of a piece of timeless elegance on wheels.

Seize this rare opportunity to acquire an original 1960 Volkswagen Beetle, a car that is not just a means of transportation but a time machine to a bygone era of driving pleasure and simple beauty. Treasure the chance to embrace history and let this Beetle shine on the road like a jewel.

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