Heideveld Classics - Porsche 912 SWB 1967

Porsche 912 SWB 1967


This Porsche 912 SWB (Short Wheel Base) from 1967 offers a fantastic driving experience. This coupe, with a body built by Karmann, belongs to an early production of the Porsche 912 from 1967, with only 2064 units produced. This makes it a truly rare and unique specimen.

Porsche 912 SWB 1967

This beautiful classic still retains its original engine and transmission, complete with ‘matching numbers,’ and an official birth certificate to confirm this. The Porsche is painted in the original red color, the same shade in which it was originally sold. The black interior, dashboard, and headliner are all still original and in impeccable condition. The car’s underside is also in excellent shape, and both the brakes and tires have been replaced.

While this Porsche 912 SWB originally hails from the United States, it has now been approved by the RDW (Dienst Wegverkeer) in the Netherlands and bears a Dutch license plate, including a valid APK (General Periodic Inspection) for the next 2 years. Additionally, a comprehensive recent appraisal report is available for this vehicle.

This Porsche 912 SWB represents not only a unique opportunity for car enthusiasts and collectors but also a piece of automotive history that comes to life each time you take the wheel. It pays homage to timeless craftsmanship and an era of pure driving experience that remains palpable in every turn and every acceleration. With this Porsche, driving becomes an art, and each ride becomes a memory to cherish.











Gear box

Manual transmission

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