Heideveld Classics - Ford Mustang Coupe 1966

Ford Mustang Coupe 1966


This beautiful 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe is in excellent condition, both in terms of performance and appearance.

Ford Mustang Coupe 1966

The centerpiece of this Mustang, the A-code V8 engine, runs smoothly and powerfully, providing a delightful driving experience. The car’s body is solid and well-maintained, and the new pony interior gives a fresh and tasteful look to the overall presentation.

The paint of the Mustang is in top condition, further enhancing the aesthetic appeal of this classic. This Ford Mustang is equipped with various options that enhance both driving pleasure and appearance. The stainless steel dual exhaust system, power brakes with disc brakes, GT rear plate, and power steering all contribute to the authentic charm of this classic car.

This Ford Mustang is more than just a historic vehicle; it is a meticulously maintained piece of automotive history. Numerous parts of the car have been renewed, increasing not only its reliability but also preserving the overall condition and value of the car. From the powerful engine sound to the refined interior details, this Ford Mustang Coupe embodies the timeless elegance and raw power of American muscle cars from the 1960s.

In short, this 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe is not just an eye-catcher on the road but also a tribute to the golden era of the past, with modern performance and reliability.










289 v8

Gear box

Automatic gearbox

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