Heideveld Classics - Ford Mustang Coupe 1964

Ford Mustang Coupe 1964


This 1964 Ford Mustang Coupe in Tahoe Turquoise is a unique specimen that harks back to the early days of the Mustang legend. This particular model is part of the mid-1964 pre-production series, which was only in production for three months. With its distinctive color and rarity, this Mustang holds a special place in the history of this iconic model.

Ford Mustang Coupe 1964

Under the hood, it houses a powerful 260 V8 engine, making this Mustang not only a visual delight but also a pleasure to drive. The automatic transmission, power steering, and disc brakes contribute to a smooth and comfortable driving experience. The addition of air conditioning makes this Mustang suitable for all weather conditions, a luxury at that time.

This Mustang is a fully equipped car with pristine details, including a dual exhaust that accentuates the signature sound of the Mustang. Packed with options, this Mustang is a true delight for classic car enthusiasts and car lovers in general.

The only aspect that needs attention is the paint. Understandably, given the age of the car and its place in history. With the right care and restoration, however, this Mustang can not only regain its original glory but also shine as a unique piece of automotive art.

In summary, this 1964 Ford Mustang Coupe is not just a vehicle; it is a time capsule that takes us back to the early days of the Mustang legacy. Its rarity, combined with its impressive specifications, makes it a valuable possession for those who cherish the history of the American automotive world.










260 V8

Gear box

Automatic gearbox

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