Heideveld Classics - Ford Edsel Citation Convertible 1958

Ford Edsel Citation Convertible 1958


Heideveld Classics currently has a rare and unique 1958 Ford Edsel Citation for sale. Only 930 units of this model were produced and it is estimated that only 110 remain.

Ford Edsel Citation Convertible 1958

The Citation was the flagship model of the Ford Edsel line and was considered the most luxurious and expensive version. This particular 1958 Ford Edsel Citation is in excellent condition. Heideveld Classics bought the car from the original owner, including all historical documentation. The car has been sitting since 1962, and we have already driven the first meters with this Ford Edsel Citation and we are excited!

The Ford Edsel offered various innovative features for its time, such as the rolling-dome speedometer and the push-button Teletouch shift system in the center of the steering wheel. Despite the large investments Ford made in the development of the Edsel and its highly publicized introduction to the market, the model was not as successful as Ford had hoped, and production was discontinued after only three model years.

However, public opinion about the Edsel has changed drastically over the past five decades, and many enthusiasts consider each surviving example to be a cherished classic. This Ford Edsel Citation still has the original paint, and the original upholstery is also in very good condition. Heideveld Classics invites interested parties to come and see this rare and unique 1958 Ford Edsel Citation.

With only 110 units of this model remaining, this is a unique opportunity to get your hands on a piece of automotive history.




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