Heideveld Classics - DAF 55 1973

DAF 55 1973


This 1973 DAF 55 is a timeless classic that still captures the hearts of car enthusiasts. With its characteristic green paint and incredibly low mileage of only 5600 km, this specimen is a true treasure for those who appreciate the beauty of a classic car.

DAF 55 1973

What makes this DAF 55 truly special is that it still carries its original paint. This means that the paint applied to the body in 1973 is still in excellent condition, a testament to the careful treatment this car has received. At 50 years old, this car still looks splendid and retains that charming retro appeal that is so highly valued.

Under the hood of the DAF 55 is a 1100 cc engine, which offered respectable power for its time. This engine delivers smooth performance and makes the car enjoyable to drive.

The DAF 55 represents a piece of automotive history that still captivates the imagination. With its green body, modest mileage, and the knowledge that it has been around for half a century, this car is a unique find for classic vehicle enthusiasts. It pays tribute to the timeless style and craftsmanship of DAF, and the fact that it is still on the road is evidence of its durability and the love of its owners.











Gear box

Manual transmission

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