Datsun 240 Z Datsun 240 Z 1973
Datsun 240 Z Datsun 240 Z 1973

Datsun 240 Z Datsun 240 Z 1973

his Datsum 240z is in original state. The body is good. A few originals decals under the hood shows the identity of this Datsun. The 6 cilindre engine runs smoothly. The Datsun 240z was sold in Japan as Nissan Fairlady Z and was introduced on the market already in 1969. The Japannese wanted to conquer the european market with this car. This coupe with the characteristic long nose built up a nice reputation very quickly. The relative favorable pricing also contributed to this, but also the technique of the 240z made this car very popular. Front discbrakes, an independent suspension and a 150hp and 198 nM strong 2,4 litre 6 line engine pulled the european and american customer over the line. With a topspeed just over the 200 km/hr and an action radius from 0 to 100km/hr in 8 seconds made the Datsun 240z a great succes.

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BrandDatsun 240 Z
ModelDatsun 240 Z
Engine2400 cc
Gearhand 5

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