Heideveld Classics - Audi Coupe GT 1983

Audi Coupe GT 1983


This 1983 Audi Coupe GT is in excellent condition and still retains its original paint, a testament to the care it has received over the years. Both the exterior paint and the interior are in superb condition, reflecting the meticulous maintenance of this car.

Audi Coupe GT 1983

Under the hood, you’ll find a powerful 2.2-liter, 135-horsepower engine with a 5-cylinder K-Jetronic injection system mated to a 5-speed manual transmission for an exciting driving experience.

The interior of this Audi Coupe GT is elegantly appointed with leather upholstery and features sport seats for added comfort and support. The car is equipped with modern conveniences, including power windows, air conditioning, power steering, and electric mirrors, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable ride, even in warmer conditions. The leather-wrapped steering wheel adds a sporty touch to the interior and enhances the overall driving feel.

What makes this Audi Coupe GT even more special is its documented maintenance history. This means that every conscientious owner has ensured the car remains in top condition and that all necessary service and repairs have been carried out to the highest standards. Knowledge of the maintenance history provides future owners with the assurance that this Audi has been well cared for.

This Audi Coupe GT not only embodies German technical excellence but also timeless design and luxury. It’s a classic car that continues to impress and is ready to be admired on the road. Whether you’re a car enthusiast in search of a timeless classic or a collector who values documented history, this Audi Coupe GT is a remarkable find. It’s a car that has withstood the test of time and promises many more years of driving enjoyment.




Coupe GT







Gear box

Manual transmission

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