Heideveld Classics - Audi 80 CL 1983

Audi 80 CL 1983


This 1983 Audi 80 CL is an impressive example of German engineering and a testament to Audi’s rich heritage. This particular car is in excellent condition, clearly reflecting the loving care it has received throughout its long history. Its deep black paint shines like new, showcasing that it has always been stored indoors and protected from the elements.

Audi 80 CL 1983

As you take the wheel of this Audi 80 CL, you immediately feel the timeless elegance and attention to detail that Audi infuses into its designs. With a smooth 1600cc engine mated to a manual four-speed gearbox, this car offers solid performance and an exceptional driving experience. The power is perfectly balanced with the weight, leading to excellent road handling and agility.

The 1983 Audi 80 CL is an outstanding example of the craftsmanship that has made Audi legendary. The interior is as impressive as the exterior, focusing on comfort and functionality. The seats provide support and comfort, even during longer journeys.

This car embodies an era when vehicles were built to last and designed with timeless appeal. It represents Audi’s legacy and recalls a time when car design and technology went hand in hand.

Whether you are a car enthusiast looking for a classic to cherish or simply need a reliable means of transportation with a touch of nostalgia, the 1983 Audi 80 CL is a vehicle that meets all these demands. It is a true tribute to the 1980s auto industry and the timeless class of Audi.











Gear box

Manual transmission

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